Add A Little Sun

10 Weeks 5 Days

My husband laughs at me whenI tell him that I need sun in order to grow the baby properly. It’s my seed after all. Since we live in Connecticut, the weather is finally starting to warm up and stop raining. We’re beginning to see more sun which is lovely. I work in an office until 4 everyday so it’s hard for me to truly enjoy it when I get home but I make sure I spend my weekends outside as long as I can. I have noticed that since doing so, I’ve been gaining a little more energy back. Mind you, right now that means going to bed at 8 intead of 7:30, but I’ll still take it as a win.

We’re big fishing people, so this Memorial Day Weekend, I’m forcing my husband to not work and take out the kayaks with me and go fishing. We pack a cooler with snacks, lunch and drinks and head out for the day. My drinks this summer will be more water and gatorade, which is fine by me. That means he’ll pass out when we get home and I can clean :). We get super competetive about who caught the biggest of all the fish and you can generally hear us yelling to each other across the lake every time we catch one.

I’m looking forward to being able to spend the day with just him, out in the sun doing something we love because boy or girl, I know sometime in the future we’re going to need to get a two person kayak so we can take this little peanut fishing with us.

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