The Importance of a Supportive Doctor When You Have Anxiety & Depression

9 Weeks 2 Days

I’m happy to confirm we have a very strong heartbeat of 171 BPM. Little drummer boy (or girl) in there. We’re growing right on schedule and today we weigh as much as a penny (.088 oz or 2.5 grams).

Prior to becoming pregnant I was on very high doses of medication for anxiety and depression. I knew it would take time to clear out of my system and that there could be some hefty changes to my mood once they were gone. I had a lot of worries about going into pregnancy not taking anything. From my very first consultation on wanting to start trying to every appointment I’ve had since, my doctor has stayed right on top of how I’m feeling mentally, assuring me that it’s okay if I’m not doing okay. She let’s me know there are safe medications out there that can help if I start to feel myself slip or think that it’s starting to get overwhelming. She’s provided me with information on groups that meet at my local hospital so I can be around other moms in the same position. She has been so welcoming and accepting which in all honesty, has eased a lot of my nerves. Knowing there are places I can, people to talk to if I need it, has been incredible.

Having support like this is beyond necessary. This time in our lives is so challenging emotionally and for those going into it with pre-existing anxiety, it can be so much harder dealing with all the thoughts. I count myself so lucky having such a supportive team to get me through the next 7 months.

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