Is It Time For A Nap Yet?

7 Weeks 2 Days

My doctor sets your first appointment once you reach 6 weeks and gives you all the information and does the bloodwork then. My mother had Graves Disease so I made sure that she was going to test my thyroid as well to catch any type of possibly issues. Turns out, I’m the opposite of my mother. While my levels are normal for someone who isn’t pregnant, they’re a little high for someone who is. Insert: total and complete exhaustion every day.

Not only am I tired from growing a tiny human, but my thyroid is under performing, adding to the fatigue. While I chose to not go on medication this early, we are going to check my levels again at week 10 to see if I’ve balanced out. If not, I’ll have to go on a medication to help kick it into gear which will also give me more energy. At this point, I’m going to bed around 7:30PM every night, which is often before my husband even gets home.

I can generally sleep the first couple hours, but then I’m waking up every hour, if not more and am very restless. As if I wasn’t tired enough. My doctor told me to try some Benadryl first and see. At 7:15 last night, I took two Benadryl, got myself and the dogs into bed and was out like a light. I did wake up a few times, but I was able to fall back to sleep so much faster.

Here’s to hoping it gets a little better because I’ve never been so envious of my dogs before as they sleep peacefully curled up next to each other snoring to the sound of the TV.


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