When To Share The News

My whole life I’ve grown up hearing that you should tell anyone besides close friends and family that you’re pregnant until you have reached the end of your first trimester. My mother is one of those firm believers, even though, as she says it, it’s a “bubbameister” – the Jewish version of a old wives tale. However, now that I am pregnant with my first, I want to scream it from every rooftop I can climb onto. I’m bursting with joy. I understand the risk for miscarriage is still high this early in, but holding this in is unbearable.

I personally have shared with others outside my close friend group who I knew would be beyond happy and they were. These are still people I know if something were to happen, would be right there next to me for support which is why I was comfortable sharing. However, days have never moved slower than they do now knowing I have this beautiful secret I’m keeping.

While the risk goes down after 3 months, there is always a chance and I try to keep that in mind knowing if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen and I’m going to have one hell of a support group to help me through it. So if you want to tell the world while the test is still drying, go get ’em mama. If you prefer to wait until the end of your first trimester when your risk is minimal, more power to you. Either way, this is YOUR choice and no one else’s.


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